Introduction to Theological Education

The Practice of Prophetic Ministry

Introduction to Catholic Theology

Course Description – This is an introductory survey course designed to prepare students for upper division courses in Christian theology. Topics may include the scriptures, history of the Church and/or theology, the nature of theological discourse, introduction to theological terms and definitions, and examination of select topics or issues in theology. Emphasis will be placed on the constitutive dimensions and characteristics of the Roman Catholic tradition.

Critical Interpretation Seminar

Course Description – The Critical Interpretation Seminar is one of the three first-year seminars that students in all tracks of the Doctor of Ministry are required to complete. The seminar will make use of the philosophical and religious tools of the discipline of hermeneutics to organize its approach. Hermeneutics can be broadly defined as the practice of interpretation of texts. What is a text will be one of our initial key questions. The seminar will start by looking at the performative dimensions of a text, with special attention to the manner in which reading, studying, and learning are performed human activities, or practices.

To this end the seminar is designed to assist candidates over the first year of the Doctor of Ministry program: