process imagining


The problem is that industrial culture is based on a mode of mimesis that simulates itself over and over again. In our emerging global society, the human being stands in the middle of a “fun zone” with walls of mirrors, where one's reflection is all-too- human. Something is behind these human images-a psychology that supports a mimesis that fails to recognize its origin, and, therefore, it downplays the sensuous life.








quote, what is religion?, rubem alves, 19.

If we think that these human beings have been totally objective, totally dominated by facts, totally true—yes, totally true!—could they then have invented things? Where was the flute before it was invented? And the garden? And dances? And paintings? Absent. Nonexistent. No knowledge could possibly have pulled these things from nature. It was necessary that the imagination become pregnant in order that culture could be born.

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