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quote, muriel rukeyser, the life of poetry, 7

We look again to the human wish, its faiths, the means by which the imagination leads us to surpass ourselves.

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quote, muriel rukeyser, the life of poetry, 7

If there is a feeling that something has been lost, it may be because much has not yet been used, much is still to be found and begun.

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peter lamborn wilson, spiritual destinations of an anarchist, 24.

Each of us are a part of Nature, it is true, but our value as individuals is not thereby lessened in any way, since it would be equally true to say that Nature is a part of us, individually. Nature's freedom from all abstract “categorical imperatives” does not reduce all biota to a faceless mass; on the contrary, it restores to each thing its own unique face.

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elie segel on beauty

“All beauty is a making one of opposites, and the making one of opposites is what we are going after in ourselves.”

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quote, charles steiner, the watch house where the switches keep

There is a “bad” eternity: the quasi-atemporality of half-inhabited images; of concepts believed; of institutions imposed. There is a “good” eternity unveiled when energy is released, where the Now abides at the very center of the transitory

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quote, what is religion?, rubem alves, 19.

If we think that these human beings have been totally objective, totally dominated by facts, totally true—yes, totally true!—could they then have invented things? Where was the flute before it was invented? And the garden? And dances? And paintings? Absent. Nonexistent. No knowledge could possibly have pulled these things from nature. It was necessary that the imagination become pregnant in order that culture could be born.

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quote, charles hartshone, wisdom as moderation, p84.

We may be trifling parts of the divine whole, but parts we are; and we must therefore contribute something to the whole. God cannot in everyway be independent of us.

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quote, john sallis, force of the imagination, 117. is binocular, that hearing is biaural, that one touches with two hands—this already disturbs the simplicity and stability that the frontal aspect could otherwise seem to possess, especially at a level prior to the workings of horizonality. Already with the binocular image, for instance, there will have been a minute difference of perspective and a corresponding protohorizonal operation. In this regard the opening of the image onto the thing itself is always already under way...

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quote, gaston bachelard, “surrationalism”, in surrealism, ed. julien levy, 188.

There should be no hesitation: one should choose the side where one thinks the most, where one experiments the most artificially, where ideas are the least viscous, where reason loves to be in danger. If, in any experiment, one does not risk one's reason, that experiment is not worthwhile attempting.

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quote, spirit chapter, constructive theology, 247

The spirit hollows and haunts, moans and mobilizes, in people's and cultures baptized and not. A Hindu Gandhi as well as an Egyptian Anthony, and apparition of Kali as well as a vision of Guadalupe, an event like breaking bread as well as breaking tyranny, haiku as much as romantic poesy, all these persons and events may become the place of being inspired, being inspirited, a holy inhabitation.

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