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thoughts on religion and philosophy in process and post-structural perspective

Computers, video, radio, printing presses, synthesizers, fax machines, tape recorders, photocopiers – these things make good toys, but terrible addictions.

Finally we realize we cannot “reach out & touch someone” who is not present in the flesh. These media may be useful to our art – but they must not possess us, nor must they stand between, mediate, or separate us from our animal/animate selves. We want to control our media, not be controlled by them. And we should like to remember a certain psychic martial art which stresses the realization that the body itself is the least mediated of all media.






For art, the intervention of Capital always signals a further degree of mediation. To say that art is commodified is to say that a mediation, or standing-inbetween, has occurred, & that this betweenness amounts to a split, & that this split amounts to “alienation.”




Every great imaginative conception is a vortex into which everything under the sun may be swept.

~John Livingston Lowes, The Road to Xanadu, p. 389





We must invent the heart of things if we wish one day to discover it.



quote, rubem alves, confessions: on theology and life

So what? Is there any way out of this situation? One thing I know for sure. In the business of living, one must not live by certainties —but by visions, risks, and passion. Maybe this is what Paul had in mind, when he said that we are saved by hope, i.e., by that which we do not see. The tragedy of our decadent civilization, it seems to me, is due to its fear of losing itself. This is the sin of both nations and individuals. It is tragic to see the sin of nations —their arrogance of power— being reenacted in the sphere of individuals, the absolutization of one’s own experience. And when we are entrapped in our heart which is bent upon itself, can we have any hope of rebirth and new life?

The voyage into distant worlds of the imaginary truly conducts a dynamic psyche only if it takes the shape of a voyage into the land of the infinite. In the realm of imagination, every immanence takes on a transcendence.

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While inviting the most vital and active exercise of the imagination, such scenes and works demand silence.

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This quote was given to me by a friend, as I was passing through (and still am) going through a difficult transition. The reality is, this quote hurts. It bothers me. But at the same time, it is very process oriented, and therefore I return to it. I argue with it, but it remains. Here is the quote:

To live is to die a thousand deaths to the person I used to be. I die when I accept that I will never be the person I wanted to grow up to be. My task, however, is just to travel between each version of myself and honor what emerges along the way.

May your journey, in whatever phase it is in, may it be forgiving, may it be stretching, and may you find the joyful moments within them.

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quote, muriel rukeyser, the life of poetry, 7

We look again to the human wish, its faiths, the means by which the imagination leads us to surpass ourselves.

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quote, muriel rukeyser, the life of poetry, 7

If there is a feeling that something has been lost, it may be because much has not yet been used, much is still to be found and begun.

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